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Shoddy exhibition

Political banners, with their traditions reaching back through the labour movement, have something in common with the Shoddy exhibition. Being fabric-based is the obvious connection, with a skillful use of embroidery, appliqué and painting to convey a strong message. Banners often carry a message of protest or resistance, but are as often about identity, pride, unity and justice.

DAN banner on the right, the only photo I can find of it. Photo: Tony Baldwinson

We are familiar with trade union banners, the banners of the women’s suffrage movement and, of course, banners that are carried on demonstrations –  sometimes quickly and roughly made, but with something to say and aiming to grab your attention.

The disabled people’s movement has created some wonderful, attention-grabbing banners over the years, including the legendary banner that accompanied DAN, the disabled people’s direct action network, on actions during the 1990s. The slogan “to boldly go…

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2 responses to “Raise your banners

  1. Fiona barker

    My client died recently..he lost his Pip daily living component following a review,(1st HCP in 2014 had done accurate job in assessing him- 2nd HCP in 2016 did poor job) that in turn resulted in high non dep charge on his hb claim for his son who worked 10 hours a week..he didnt provide the correct info to HB..HB stopped..rent arrears increased and l/l tried to evict him. Eviction defered temporarily. I applied for urgent appeal hearing date..the pip decision was changed and letter sent.by this time he was in hospital with kidney failure as a result of neglecting himself.he died on the day his pip was reinstated he never saw the letter..needless to say i am going to challenge the hb decision retrospectively..i am really saddened as this need not have happened due to hapless HCP who incorrectly re-assessed his PIP

    • I’m sorry to hear this The knock on affect is very damaging. It not only impacts the person who has been denied their rightful social security payment, but also their families and friends. Little is said about the support workers and those who work as advisers who see their clients degenerate mentally and physically.
      Please look after yourself as without people like you there would undoubtedly be more deaths.

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