Petition: Implement the recommendations of the “Benefit sanctions policy beyond the Oakley Review”.

The RH David Cameron MP


Leaving people with no means of feeding themselves, heating food and keeping warm is unconscionable and has no place in a civilised and rich society such as Great Britain.

In March 2015 “Benefit sanctions policy beyond the Oakley Review” was printed

It made twenty-six recommendations for changes to the current sanction policies

None of these have yet been implemented!

Of these twenty-six recommendations there are two that we demand you implement immediately. These should be speedily followed by the other twenty-four recommendations.

“Benefit sanctions policy beyond the Oakley Review” recommended that “DWP commission a broad independent review of benefit conditionality and sanctions, to investigate whether sanctions are being applied appropriately, fairly and proportionately, in accordance with the relevant Regulations and guidance, across the Jobcentre Plus network. This review should be established and report as soon as is practicable in the next Parliament.”

It also recommended that: The DWP make hardship payments available from day one of a sanction period in all cases, including JSA. We further recommend that, where the claimant has dependent children or is a member of a vulnerable group, the hardship payment decision-making process be instigated by DWP Decision Makers, and coordinated with the decision on the sanction referral itself, regardless of whether the claimant has proactively applied for a hardship payment”

We are demanding that you ensure these two measures are implemented immediately and in addition we are demanding that they are expanded to include those left without funds when they are exercising their legal right to challenge a “fit for work” finding after their Work Capability Assessment (sickness medical).

Under your watch, Mr Cameron too many people to whom you have a duty of care are needlessly suffering and dying. This is badge of shame for you personally and for this country. Please rectify this immediately and restore the Great in Great Britain.

You can find the petition here:


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