The comply or starve tactics from Iain Duncan Smith and his Department of Work and Pensions


Why are up to 28,960 people were left without funds

often for periods of between 6 and 8 weeks,”

with no access to Hardship Payments?

How long will it be before someone dies whilst waiting for a

Mandatory Reconsideration?


Mandatory Reconsideration(MR) is the first stage in appealing a WCA (Medical examination) which you must pass if you are going to be eligible for (Employment and Support Allowance) sickness benefit .

You cannot proceed with an appeal until this stage is completed!

 Published in December 2014, Citizens Advice stated they saw

“8,530 people about mandatory reconsideration from Jan – June 2014.

2,740 (32%) of these people also reported being left without funds due to their reconsideration.

If we were to extrapolate this to the 90,500 Mandatory Reconsideration requests over the same time period this would suggest that:

Up to 28,960 people were left without funds

often for periods of between 6 and 8 weeks “

If you have been found fit for work at the Work Capability Assessment

(Medical examination)

You can:

Request a Mandatory Reconsideration

(contest the claim that you are fit for work.)


Go to Jobcentre Plus to sign on and state you have applied for a Mandatory Reconsideration

You could restrict your hours and the type of work you could do and hope that you will not be sanctioned if you are too sick to find work


Confusion amongst Jobcentre Plus staff means:

You may not be allowed to sign on to Job Seekers Allowance as they think you are too sick


You may be redirected to get advice from an Advice Agency


You may decide to continue with your Mandatory Reconsideration and not sign onto Jobseekers Allowance


As your Employment and Support Allowance (Sickness Benefit) claim has been closed.

As you have not be able to open a Jobseekers claim

you do not have an open claim,

making you ineligible for Hardship Payments


If you are not claiming benefit, you cannot claim hardship payments!!

Up to 28,960 people could have been left without any means to feed themselves.


There is no difference to The Public Purse as both Jobseekers Allowance and Employment Allowance (during the assessment period) are paid at the same rate of £73.10pw!


How is it OK for this Government to starve its citizens into not being able to exercise their legal right to challenge being found fit for work?

This must stop today



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24 responses to “The comply or starve tactics from Iain Duncan Smith and his Department of Work and Pensions

  1. mick

    i wont put what i think of the tory party on here

  2. alan parker

    It is not right to for the government to behave like this. I can envisage the claimant doing one or two things- loosing their temper and maybe seeking to hurt the job seeker staff or in desperation committing suicide.


    what a nice kind public spirited that Ian Duncan Smith Is.


  4. Hugh Jones

    Can the Freedom of Information Act be used to stop these figures remaining secret. The Tories haven’t repealed that yet.

  5. Well this is what happens when you get a Tory Government. They have too much money for themselves that’s not good for them. Maybe they should try and live like the rest of us and They should be forced to do the means test, then fail it and try to live without money and food. THE Government wouldn’t have a leg to stand on!

  6. davis Cameron stinks

    We have been in this situation for 8 months and it stinks, this government is only interested in the rich and screw the poor and disabled.

  7. davis Cameron stinks

    We too have been affected like this and David Cameron needs to be booted out of his job before too many people die because of the stoppages.

  8. Raymond Strevens

    Austerity is false designed to create poor, ill subservient people. At the Bilderberg meeting many years ago the bankers, oil cartel and other 1% elites discussed with our polititians how thngs are to go. Do you really believe that across europe and america bankers lent so much to every government that can never be paid back? Firstly, the money is not real it is our governments that allow bankers to lend what they have not got. Why not print our own in exactly the same way and lend to the public at 0%? The Bank of England and Federal Reserve both are private individuals who are allowed to print their own money. Ask yourself who governments are really working for. Secondly, public money is often borrowed to run services including the pharmaceutical dependent NHS. Who profits from damaging drugs and the toxic pesticide laiden food that makes people ill in the first place? This at the same time as borrowing from the bankers.

  9. We Are All In This Tory Bullsh1t Together Unless Your Rich

    “Up to 28,960 people were left without funds often for periods of between 6 and 8 weeks ”
    As a Disabled person i went Over 8 Months Without payment after going to see ATOS who declaired me as being fit for work. When i went to my appeal hearing i was in there for Less than 5 min. before being told that ATOS should Never have declaired me as being fit for work.
    I had to Beg and Borrow to survive and over a period of 12 Months (2013-2014) i was given a Total of just over £1000 in DLA to Survive the whole year. To this date i’ve still Not been given any backdated payment although i very much doubt that will Ever happen.
    I Hope those Tory Bastards and their followers get as many health problems as i have so i can laugh my arse off when they try to get help and there isn’t any!!!

    • Tories - Rot in Hell

      This is very similar to what happened to me. I had 11 months of worry, stress and despair waiting for my appeal to take place and similarly was told I should have passed the medical examination on a number of accounts. The Atos nurse who examined me was not listening to me, she caused me a lot of pain forcing my legs up in the air after pulling my socks off then lied that I did not take part in that part in her report, then spent the rest of the half-hour typing in her results into the computer in front of me, minus the full list of medication from my repeat prescription. She allowed me to leave without putting my socks back on. I learnt after that they should not remove any items of your clothing or expect you to. They should not force you to do anything that causes you pain either ! I could not believe that she had recommended in her report that I should return to work in the short term ! I have multiple illnesses and two separate degenerating diseases. I cannot walk far without pain and exhaustion and loss of breath ! I lived on my small DLA allowance in the meantime. I felt so lucky I had that. Even the Citizens Advice Bureau was a waste of time and never got back to me. There is no official organisation that helps vulnerable people in desperation either.
      This disgrace of a Government and it’s expensive private medical company ATOS working on it’s behalf was shown up on TV a couple of years ago that this is just an exercise in cutting back benefits to the poor and needy. There is no justification other than their greed. They rob from the poor and give it to themselves in low taxes and huge pay increases for the rich. I would love to be able to wipe that smug look of IDS’s face, the buffoon.

      • mick

        that sounds just like my exam apart from the socks coming off i had my second medical 3 months later & i was told i dont meet there standards, i complained to the dss & after 10 months i was told something was not done right so i got my money reinstated . i had my money stopped for 10 months after the first so called medical when she said i failed to comply ,just because i said I thought a doctor would do my medical due to all my medical conditions

  10. Lawrence Crilly

    And this is The Government that bangs on about Human Rights in the Third World !

  11. Reblogged this on amnesiaclinic and commented:
    Thank you for doing all you can to get the figures published and for highlighting these figures.
    It is appalling in this rich economy, fifth largest in the world we have food banks and people starving like this.
    Yes, the banksters have a lot to answer for. Switch from a bank today and stop using credit and debit cards. On the 27th of each month I join the national switch off day to not use any power (except fridge and freezer) and not use supermarkets. If thousands of us do it we can make a difference!
    Stay safe.

  12. This is outrageous what you are doing.leaving people to starve and loosing they homes.shame on you my God forgive you because the country will not.

  13. Michael

    Take a look at this – This is what Iain Duncan Smith thinks about soldiers who fought in different conflicts. This ex Soldier died of Diabetes plus starvation because he missed an appointment with an advisor. There are thousands of deaths all over the UK. There are 500,000 signatures to ban “Fox Hunting” and 500,000 signatures to protect our Bees. There should be 10 times the amount in here to save our sick. Why is there not a petition calling for Iain Duncan Smith to be removed and put on trial. SEE:

  14. Carole

    IDS & his cronies, lets face it, care for no one except for themselves and for their rich friends, but I have to say this, someone voted the Tories in…..WHY? Perhaps we have become a real nation of Capitalists, and humanity has been (mostly) thrown out of the window as a result….I feel very saddened.

  15. I noted the above experiences of lengthy time frames that very ill people had no access to ESA, but a few things I’d like to ask, I thought that the DWP were supposed to pay the ‘assessment rate’ once you were able to lodge your appeal? I ask this because I’ve heard of not a few people now that are left completely without even the assessment rate.

    Also, may I add that once ESA is refused, some people have even had their DLA removed too, leaving them with absolutely no income at all.

    I said from the beginning, that the ‘Mandatory Reconsideration’ period is also NOT back-paid. When Fraud was asked in the Lord’s about this, he said that the estimated time of MR was 2 weeks, so not being back-paid for those 2 weeks was not an issue. Well, it’s obviously an issue now.

    This is important – and again I said this from the beginning – because many people who win their appeals find another ESA50 waiting on the door mat a few weeks later. If they are to have their income removed every year or so, for 3/4 of that year, then this is a MASSIVE benefit CUT over time!

    This information should be fed back to the DWP ministers, the DWP committees and any of the Lords who originally questioned how MR works. We need a Judicial Review of such a procedure at the very least.

    Does anyone know if any of the disability groups/activists are pushing for this?

    • January 2014
      ‘Where an employment support allowance award terminates because someone does not have limited capability for work following a work capability assessment, it will be reinstated only after there has been either (i) a successful application for mandatory reconsideration or (ii) the mandatory reconsideration is unsuccessful and the claimant has lodged an appeal with Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS). For the former reinstatement will be from the date of the termination decision; for the latter, once the Department has been advised by HMCTS that an appeal has been made, ESA can be reinstated in which case it would be backdated to the date of the termination decision. In either situation, if any other benefit has been received in the meantime, for example, jobseeker’s allowance, this will be offset against the employment and support allowance due.’

      Source: Hansard
      I have heard that people lose DLA as well as ESA but I am not sure why without looking into it

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  17. Reading the above perhaps IDS might like to release the figures of how many P45’s his department has issued to people declined ESA and before they had the chance to lodge an appeal much less reapplying for JSA

    I got Mine after being declared Fit to work by ATOS who gave me a ZERO Score

    My ATOS Interview was held less than 10 days after I came out of the National Heart Hospital after having a lung biopsy and I was still trying to work all the blood thinners and other drugs out of my system

    To this date I am limited to what work I can seek suffering from COPD and Lymphedema as I do

    As for benefits received other than 1 year JSA back in 2008 I have received nothing from the DW&P other than my P45 marching orders and the loss of 4 weeks NI that I can’t make up; even though I offered

    Despite paying NI for 33 years my current retirement pension still 15 years in the future will pay me the grand total of £43 and change

    Those figures he should have to hand after all it is his responsibility to report to Government not only the Unemployment Figures but those who have successfully gone back to work

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