“Toy Boy” Tax for Pensioners

“Toy Boy Tax” for Pensioners

 ‘When Universal Credit(UC) is introduced, if either member in a couple is under the qualifying age for pension credit then the couple would be treated as working age’.

Pension Credit is a means tested benefit. It is a top up benefit to the State Pension for those pensioners who have a low pension.  As well as being treated as being under pension age, these couples will not be able to claim any pensioner benefits such as extra heating allowances.

The Toy Boy Tax only affects female pensioners with a younger male partner.

Women, with a younger male partner, who qualify for their State Pension between January 2014 to October 2018 are unfairly disadvantaged by the above ruling, due to the fact that State Pension ages for men and women will not equalize at 66 until 2018.

Before being eligible for Pension Credit, Women born March 1952 to October 1954 will have wait the difference in their partner’s ages,  plus an additional waiting period due to pension ages not being equal. For women retiring in January 2014 this means an additional waiting period of 4years before being eligible to claim Pension Credit


Woman Born March 1952

Man born January 1955

Difference between their ages is 3 years:

A woman born in March 1952 will receive her State Pension in Jan 2014.

A man born in March 1955 will receive his State Pension in  Jan 2021

These couples will not be able to apply for Pension Credit until 2021 – a waiting period of 7 years, although there is only 3 years difference in their ages.

To a lesser extent, this ruling will also affect same sex couples and heterosexual couples, where the younger partner is a woman, but in these cases there would be no waiting period other than the differences in their ages before being able to claim Pension Credit and related benefits,

What does this really mean?

These “Toy Boy Couples” will have to live on less than a single person Pension Credit amount of £142pw for year after. year. They will receive £100 less a week than pensioners who can claim Pension Credit

In November 2011 AgeUK published these figures ( referenced Hansard 8th Nov) “There are currently over 93.000 couples receiving PC where one partner is aged below 60 – about 15% of couples receiving PC.
In addition there are some 7.300 receiving IS or JSA where one is over the age of 60″ 


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  1. Eileen

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I am a woman aged sixty with a husband who is two and a half years younger than myself. Although he is working at present, this concerns me because of his job insecurity.
    I have today emailed the DWP ministers using quotes from your blog post.
    I resent the fact that I may be classed as being working age when I am sixty eight years old!
    Thank you for your very informative blog.

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