Telling it as it is

I am 60, my kids are in their 20’s and are embarking on their life’s adventure, for them the future is harsh, high rents, income stagnation and job insecurity. I do not have a political agenda, and am pretty much middle of the road.  I will although be making personal comments, which you may or may not agree with

I have decided that I can no longer sit back and say nothing as I see the people of this country be hit time after time by changes to the Welfare Benefit system and changes to Housing Law.

I cannot sit back when I know that thousands and thousands of people are living below the bread line, and those who, for no fault of their own are now being displaced and rehoused miles, and in some cases hundreds of miles away from their friends and communities where they have lived for most of their lives.

I have amassed hundreds of items of information on this subject from 2011 onwards and am going to show how these changes are affecting the ordinary working person in this country, especially if on a low income. disabled or unemployed.


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