Open Letter to The Daily Mirror

An open letter to the Daily Mirror   18th January 2013

Where were you?

Housing Waiting Lists

While this Government played  the  low paid worker against the unemployed. It took away the right of everyone in this country to put their name down on the Housing Waiting List

Government 1 Mirror Readers Nil

 Benefit rise capped at 1%

You kept quiet while this government  played the low paid worker against the public sector  when this government capped benefit rises for the next 3 years at 1%, meaning a loss of £4 per week for low paid workers. Low paid workers are not likely to get a rise, whereas public sector workers will get a rise of 1%

1% rise of benefits is a lot less than 1% of a salary.

Government 2 Mirror readers Nil

 Affordable rent scheme.

Not a peep out of you when this came into law last November. – Hidden under the guise of Affordable rent. rent in the social sectors is to rise to 80% of the broad market rent of the area. Local Housing Allowance caps are likely to apply here – result – many more people on low incomes will not be able to live in London or the South East.

Government 3 Mirror readers Nil

Benefit Cap – Your silence is thundering

I quote from a letter from the office of Eric Pickle dated  Jan 2011

“families with 4 children would be able to live in most parts of the country outside of London and the South East”  At what cost to  the 80,000 children who will be displaced and at what cost to local councils who will have to pick up the bill

Government 4 Mirror readers Nil

Bedroom Tax – If renting from a social landlord and your child has grown up and moved away then your readers will be charged for having an empty room. So downsize, the government screams. Why haven’t you asked where these people are to move to and at what cost?

Government 5 Mirror readers Nil

 Council Tax – The government will say they froze Council Tax for 2 years, BUT now they’re given the responsibly to Local Councils with a budget of at least 10% less of the current one.

Not a murmur from you

Government 6 Mirror readers Nil

Food Banks and homeless shelters

Warm in your home with food on your table  you never looked into the reality of your readers.

Government 7 Mirror readers Nil

These are just a few of the changes that have come into affect since the beginning of 2011. There is another way but while you keep silent there is no discussion.

Food Prices UP

Gas/electric Prices UP

Travel Costs UP

Council Tax  UP

Rent   UP

When your readers needed you the most your kept quiet, followed the government line when it turned the low paid against the unemployed. You turned your back and walked away.  And when I spoke to the Sunday Mirror News Desk today, they said they didn’t have the time for this.

These are your readers

I don’t expect you to do anything when you receive this – prove me wrong




GREAT Britain 2013



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  1. Food Banks: our chance to be sustained on tinned food that nobody else wants..yippee!

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